Sunday, July 31, 2011

Best $ spent on Roses!

These beautiful roses were only a few dollars in the Clearance section at a grocery store in a very small 4" pot when Adam picked it out... we are constantly amazed at its constant year round blooms!

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Treat for Walking

Spoiled kids! Their treat for walking back to the Mahs from Brunch.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Discovery Museum

Shedding his fur...
Kyson with a Nut
The 3 Squirrels
Maddie's mask
Their finished art projects
In the Stagecoach
Adam just being CUTE :P
Maddie dressing up with Kaeli
Kyson was NOT going to be left behind :)
In the Art room
Digging up bones

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Yep! Back blogging yet again!

Seriously!? Where does the month go?? Just as I was SLOWLY catching up (I have yet to finish posting pics from Spring Break AND a couple of days in Hawaii!), we're at the end of another month...

We're lucky enough to travel with Mark when he goes out of town for work, especially in Southern CA. We did not get to visit with as many family and friends or sightsee as much as we would have liked to, but partly it was due to "Carmageddon" (non event really when it actually was supposed to occur!) and partly because we are just enjoying our "downtime" and Mommy has been going through a self reflective phase of learning to be at peace with our lifestyle.

By that, I mean I have been working on:
a) not sweating the small stuff (It's ok to have the kids have full use of our house and visitors don't need to think we have an immaculate home ALL the time..or ever?), b) reading more and getting back to doing things that makes me enjoy my "Job"... having the freedom to do random stuff (Crosswords, listening to music) during the day, and c) choosing to "opt out" when I feel obligated to commit to everything we are invited to or packing our weekends with 100001 things just because we have to put our days to FULL use with Daddy...

I want my home to look like the next Pottery Barn catalog will be shooting here! I want my kids to have the drive other kids supposedly have being in 2-3 sports/activities all the time! I want to document each and every minute of our lives to pass on to the kids and whoever else is interested! I want to be the model Mommy walking out of the house made up, dressed up, and just UP! Alas... reality hits... It takes a lot of work and well, "compelling tendencies" to keep up the Ideal life!

My Real life is: My home will never make the PB catalogs because I am lazy, would rather spend my money on other stuff, and not obsessive enough to maintain it all! My kids enjoy playing at home, having the space to run around, and doing activities they want vs what I think they should be doing because others are doing it. I can't document everything in life, otherwise life passes by on a memory card and the memory others have will be of me constantly posing them to capture "that" moment. And lastly...I choose to sleep an extra 15 minutes instead of getting up to put on makeup, I wear clothes that are machine washable so it's OK if the kids get hurt, I can hug them without worrying about tear stains on my dry clean only outfit, and being at peace means a healthier, happier and calmer Wife, Mommy, and person.

But the biggest lesson I am trying to teach myself: slow down and ENJOY LIFE!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Last birthday post..Boo's cupcakes!

Daddy's Birthday Finale!

Daddy's Birthday Surprise!

They showed up at work with Balloons and we had lunch with Daddy :)
(Adam was more fascinated with the cool-y "security badge" maker I think? Thanks Auntie Bubbles and M.E. for helping w surprise!)

Baking Daddy's Birthday Cake

Finished product!

These were Giant Cupcake pans they got me for MY birthday :)

I even let her do all the cracking and mixing ALL BY HERSELF!
(Have to admit, I was a little nervous, and it took some restraint to not "help"...BUT...)
Great thing: Ability to READ!
The kids decided this year (much to Mommy's happiness!) they wanted to decide on Daddy's, cake(s), and decorations.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Carmageddon...1 week later

Carmageddon, as predicted, was a non-event...but any time you drive in LA, it could easily be one!
The 1/2 torn down bridge!
Where the excitement was :)

Friday, July 22, 2011