Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Lynn's 29th Surprise Birthday Party

Gotta start out the day right...

Starbucks and Cinnabons...

everyone has their own seat now...maddie reading flight instructions and adam has his ba-ba ready!

Maddie said it felt like we were in Hawaii!  (like she really remembers?!...I think it was more the swaying palm trees and the fact we were sweating waiting for our ride in the 70 degree HEAT...yes, it was HEAT because we were leaving 35 degree weather hence the warm attire!)

Tom decided to throw her a surprise Birthday this year, so we thought it would be fun to join the festivities, even if we were able to stay for a day!  

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Saturday, December 20, 2008

AGG 2008 Christmas

Lankha (6) with Justin (3months), Mia (23 months), Adam (20 months), Maddie (5) and Kaeli (22 months)
Had to add this picture for a) Meg (15 months) and b) you can see how tall they are!
the AGG... if you count number of COMBINED years of experience from VISX: over 35! :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Our newest Princess Miya Claire Trinh

Miya Claire Trinh
born: 12/18/08
4:55 am 
6lb 12 oz and 19.5in long

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Our Christmas Wish

We started a Family Blog this year with the intention of being able to keep everyone up to date on our Family life...and on stuff we find to be cute or interesting :)  It was also started in hopes of helping us be more "green and eco-friendly" with our annual Holiday newsletters... I think I've back blogged to about June so a quick summary of this past year (then you can go on and check out the rest of the Blog!):

Our highlights this year included our trips of course, but also our Backyard project and the growth of the kids who amaze us each and every day!  We spent the beginning of the year mostly at home, getting back into the swing of things after LAST CHRISTMAS... and celebrating Tet with the Trinhs in Sacramento.

Spring was busy between the kids activities and Mark's travels.  In March, Adam turned 2 and we took the kids to Tahoe for their 1st real experience with Snow... Maddie tried skiing with her Dad, and well, Mark will leave it to the professionals for her next lesson.  Adam was content hanging out and playing with the snowbanks by the Lodge with Mommy.  We went to Chicago in April and were able to spend some time with Mary and the Zochs.  The kids loved the Navy Pier, Children's Museum and even on a rather cold, wet and "brisk" day, the Lincoln Park Zoo.  Yes, we now know what the "lake effect" is..and go figure, it was on the one yucky day we were there and Mark had the day off!  Maddie had her 1st ballet recital in May, complete with matching outfits and accessories. All the girls were so adorable!

Our summer kicked off with our idea of putting in a new backyard for the kids..FINALLY after 5 years!  We were able to attend graduations and promotions for Kevin, Eric and Kaitlyn.  It made us feel old that these kids were heading off to college, high school and middle school already!  In July, Mark was home for about a week :)  He went to Dublin for work, then we flew to Colorado for NaNa's 70th Birthday.  We surprised Mark with a cruise to Mexico for his birthday the following week...it was a great time with the Trieus! Then we came home to a beautifully landscaped backyard!  It was a longer than anticipated project (and yes, we were warned by numerous people that these projects always are!).  But after the playset was up and Daddy had the final screw in, the kids could not have been happier and it just made the frustrations and financial investment all worth it...who knew our backyard would end up being "green" as well...literally and figuratively with our "carpet grass" :P

Fall saw Maddie heading back to Pre-school for the 2nd year.  She LOVES school.  Ong and Ba (aka Grandpa and Grandma Trinh) came and babysat/played with the brats for 2 weeks while Mommy and Daddy vacationed in Europe.  We still aren't sure who was happier to see us upon our return, the kids or the grandparents???  Halloween was definitely a chance for us to see Adam really grow and change.  He chose his own costume and was NOT afraid of asking for candy!  And he talks practically non stop...with a "twang" which we aren't sure where he picked up from???

Winter is upon us once again.  How time flies...Maddie turned 5 and well, she's got "spunk", "personality", and definite SASS!  Adam has been so good letting Sissy have the spotlight since it's been ALL about Sissy the last few weeks.  He just says he's not a big boy yet, but rather a little boy growing bigger :)  Probably has more to do with the fact he does not want to leave our room or go to school.

We hope you check in often and feel free to email/leave comments!  We love to hear from everyone but we know how hard it is with busy lives that we don't always get to catch up when we want to...so our wish for you this holiday season:

Have a very Merry Christmas, and a safe, healthy and prosperous 2009!!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Tea Party for Miss Maddie

A Princess' 5th Birthday is not complete without Tea and scones. :)   So the end of the Birthday celebration (week, month, year?!) is coming to an end for our Madison... we had Tea with NaNa, PaPa, some aunts and uncle (THANKS Anson for being a great sport!) and of course, a sleeping BooBoo at Lisa's Tea Treasures this afternoon.  It was yummy as usual, and it was her 1st real Tea, except our mini afternoon Tea on the cruise.  She LOVED it, especially once someone pointed out you can just grab the bell, ring it and someone will be at your beck and call...and then she got startled at how quickly the guy appeared behind her! hehehehe

Thursday, December 11, 2008

HAPPY 5th BIRTHDAY, Princess Maddie!

So 5 years ago this day, I would be in labor right about now...the stubborn thing wouldn't arrive for another hr...but when she did arrive, "DADDY'S BIG SCREEN!" were the first words out of my husband's mouth!  Thanks, Honey...I'm doing GREAT! ;)  He still argues about it being his EXACT first words, but you get the gist....

Anyways, our Princess (yes, I know if you keep calling them that they turn into one...TOO LATE!) turned 5 today!  How time flies.  She has brought us so much joy and although at times we can argue with the following statement, she really has been so awesome.  We love her to death of course, but the most fun we have with her probably has to do with the conversations and vocabulary usage we have with her...Synergy = BONUS! for Daddy :)  Today was definitely a day ALL ABOUT MADDIE...Pink, Princess and All!!

She chose to celebrate her Big 5 at Build A Bear... followed by dinner at CPK.  Thank you to EVERYONE who came, called or thought of her today...our phone never rang so much in one day :)  She probably got more calls than Mark and I put together all year! 


(Yes, Mommy made the cake/cupcakes from scratch in a rare wanna-be Martha Stewart moment...thanks to NaNa helping out of course :P)

Maddie's Locks of Love

Turning 5 is a big deal to begin with for any kid...but for Maddie?  She has something extra to celebrate...her HAIR!  She is donating it to the Locks of Love charity (www.LocksofLove.org) and following in the footsteps of Ako, Me, and Lankha...not to mention, we noticed a little girl from her ballet class whose Dad said she refused to cut her hair until she saw me do it...and the next week, she had short hair :)  3 kids so far that we know of...I'm hoping we can inspire more kids to do the same!

Everyone who knows us, knows how much she LOVES her hair (even when Mother/Father doesn't quite comb it or style it right)!  She's been looking forward to this day for a very long time, but when we walked in the salon, she was pretty nervous and apprehensive.  Here are the results:

(Like she didn't have enough SASS before her haircut :P)

Sunday, December 7, 2008


A full week into December...and we've yet to make progress towards Christmas.  It's funny how this time of year, as it happens EVERY year, always seem to "sneak up" on us and goes by too quickly...whereas the rest of the year seems to take FOREVER until the holidays to come.

Well, part of that is by tradition for us: we decided when Maddie was born that we would not deprive her of "her special day" by decorating our house BEFORE December 11th...and so far, that has worked out...except now that she's turning 5, she's asking us why we don't pull out the tree (ummm, we don't have a tree to "pull out" from anywhere because we like real trees) and why there isn't going to be snow on Christmas Day here (umm, we don't live in the mountains?).  

But as we are receiving all these beautiful and cute Christmas cards, all we can think of is "OVERacheivers?!" (that's better than thinking how much of laggers we are, right? :P)  We are working on our cards...and when December 12th arrives, I will definitely feel the pressure of having Christmas up and running :)

Maddie's Nutcracker ballet dance

Friday, December 5, 2008

SURPRISE!!! bday for YuJin

All the kids helping her stay young...at heart :)

Friday, November 28, 2008

Random pics of kids

Some pictures of the kids doing their thing, some cute, some funny and some...well, maybe we shouldn't post those :)
Playing Barber shop! (If only he would let a real stylist besides Mommy near his hair :P)

Too much playing and no nap means passing out when no one is looking...

Technology!  They are talking to their Dad while he's away on business...

At the SF Auto Show since Mark was on PTO...a fun day in the City after Storytime and Home Depot :)  Hank the robot from Ford was AWESOME!  Maddie LOVED it, Adam was kinda scared...  the cars were fun only when and if they let you jump around in them, ummmm, those didn't include our favorite Maseratis, Ferraris, Bentleys and Porsches :(

Black Friday

No, we didn't go shopping today.  It's funny how people wake up so freakin early for ONE morning.  Sure, there are probably deals to be had, but it's also the ONE day I know I always have someone else to help with the kids...and we ALL sleep in as long as we can :)

I didn't do a whole lot of blogging last week...not because I wanted to give Stu and Erica the spotlight for a while...but because I actually physically was sick and lost my voice and didn't feel like typing ;P I know, what life would be like if I was quieter more often??? My kids LOVED it, well, Maddie did, I think Adam was kind of freaked out by my lack of yelling?!  Mark just liked coming home to a quiet house with the three of us snuggled in bed watching TV, usually with Adam napping (something he rarely does these days unless we are driving around.)

Well, we had lots of fun in Sacto and ate waaaay too much of the yummy turkey and beef Brian made so we ended up having to spend an extra night with Ong.  The kids LOVED it, esp being able to destroy the house since Grandma is out of town :)  oops!  We took a detour to check out the back roads of the Delta and Bay, then we finally managed to arrive home by dinnertime.  

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are most thankful for our family, friends, and health.  We hope everyone enjoys a great Thanksgiving with lots of yummy foods, family and football :)

"Thank you God for the world so sweet...
Thank you God for the food we eat.
Thank you God for the birds that sing...
Thank you God for Everything!"

Our family prayer as recited by Maddie each evening.

Pics of the kids baking their 1st pumpkin pie (and banana bread) for Thanksgiving...this is Adam before he ran off to "help" Daddy paint a closet.