Monday, November 30, 2009

Daddy with Kids

Before going to school...and Daddy leaving for another business trip.
Sooooo cute, they sleep exactly alike :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

CO Trip - heading Home

After landing to baggage claim...
The safe frequent flyer!
Sitting pretty for takeoff!
How they keep themselves occupied...crackberry and iberry!

Thursday, November 26, 2009

CO Trip - 1st (of many) birthday celebrations

CO Trip - As pie is baking..the FEAST!

The Yummy Feast! :)
as we're playing outside...
look what we found in the yard!
bored inside so we went picture taking outside...
Uncle Roy more interested in Football than fishing?

CO Trip - NaNa and Maddie: Making Pumpkin Pie

Thanks Nana!

Maddie's 1st pumpkin pie...she specifically requested Nana to help her make one for Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are thankful for all we have... our health, happiness, and being surrounded by awesome family and friends who love and support our lives.

Maddie is thankful for Daddy and my baby cousin Miya.

Adam is thankful for Blankie...and everything...and Fed Ex.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

CO Trip - Visiting ALL-GON Pizza

Spanish Peaks? Beautiful scenery anyways.
Aunt Lisa with Adam's monstrous ice cream dessert
Aunt Lisa with Maddie's specially made dessert "vanilla cake"
A personal tour of the kitchen! The kids were so excited to be able to see a REAL working restaurant kitchen! :p
Loitering in the Gift Shop area

CO Trip - Alligator Farm

Trying to avoid the ostriches on the way out...

Alligator sashimi?
One of the owners of the Family Run farm showing a baby gator to the kids...
Shaking hands with the gator!
Mommy thought this was a rock! OOPS!
Look what the cat brought in...ICK!

The Famous Alligator Farm!

CO Trip - Seeing the FARM!

The Beautiful View
At Daddy's Elementary
The normal traffic around town :)
A horse on the Farm
The Homestead
Where Daddy grew up...
Great Grandparent Cowans' former home
At Daddy's high school
Daddy's graduating class: 23 (*yes 23 and it isn't a typo!)
Maddie's kindergarten class: 21
Adam's pre-school class: 20
Mommy's graduating class: 435
Daddy's childhood hometown