Wednesday, April 22, 2009


Reduce, Re-use, Recycle! :)

Maddie and Adam are very good about recycling (MONEY!!!) and at school, Maddie did all different kinds of projects to reflect the importance of "keeping earth healthy".  It's neat to see how kids take to this kind of awareness and their attitude is truly inspiring for us to do whatever simple things we can to keep earth in tact for future generations!  

p.s. HAPPY Birthday Baby G!!!  Wherever you are in Europe, I'm sure your parents and pals are helping you celebrate :) 

Irish girl

I know, lagging on back blogging, but only because I can't find (am not motivated enough right now) my USB cable for my camera... 

Our big adventure was going to Ireland last week.  We had lots of fun and took tons of pictures! The kids LOVED it...they already want to go back (actually never having wanted to leave our apt in Dublin in the first place?!)

Well, before we left, we received a picture of a true Irish girl so until we find the cable and post real blogs..
Clare - 7 months old

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Miya - Happy 4 months!!

yes, i got this off her own blog...but isn't she CUTE?!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

Coming home from Ireland

The kids did NOT sleep at all on entire flight ;(  But as soon as their heads (and ours) literally hit the pillow at 7pm PST, we did not wake up until 8am the next day!  It was such an adventure in itself for them waiting at the airport for Aldolpho to give us a ride home in the limo...

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Touring Dublin

On the eve of our return home, the kids and I ventured on a Dublin Tour Bus to City Centre for a loop around the place.  It of course, started POURING rain on us mid day, but alas, we survived since the REI peeps tell me rain is just water and won't hurt us ;)  We found a leprechaun "that wasn't real, it was just a costume!", Grafton Street (mommy's FAVORITE place in Dublin since she got to hold a BIRKIN bag, even with the brats screaming "Daddy's gonna be mad...NO BIRKIN BAG!"), saw the Guinness factory (thinking of Chu Steven), and lots of historical churches and homes...Boo Boo even squeezed in a nap on the bus!  

Our bus driver, Paddy, was super duper awesomely nice!  He was the one who does the route to Liffey Valley (there's only 1 a day) so he made sure to be on the lookout for us when we needed to come back in the afternoon, otherwise we'd be stuck in City Centre and would have to take a cab back on our own (another 15-20 euros!)...and telling me not to take the bus through the "PJs" with the kids (projects) :)

p.s a pic of Louis Vuitton for Auntie Jen!

Monday, April 13, 2009

Urgent Care in Dublin

Ummm, ok, so my family is used to my need to take pics for my even my husband was a good sport about posing even though he didn't feel so great.  THANKS, sweetie! :) 

In all seriousness though, he was super sick when we got back to Dublin, and since we couldn't check in at our apt yet, we drove around looking for help.  Who knew with Easter Monday, it's a major holiday so no drs work, and most places are private hospitals and clinics.  We ended up at the Boots drug store and the "chemist" suggested we go to an urgent clare clinic in city centre....they were so great and helpful!  We were in and out within 3o minutes! and he got drugs to go as well as a prescription for his tonsilitis.

Well, the kids had fun playing with the toys there while we were waiting...

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Driving to Kilkenny

The village of Kilkenny was southwest of Dublin.  The scenery was more countryside than City, we drove by lots of small towns on the way, and to pass the time, the kids were taking random pics along the route :)

Yes, we even followed "Open House" signs, but alas, they weren't quite open yet...

Friday, April 10, 2009

Clontarf Castle Hotel

We had a great time staying here!  It was so neat to be in a "real" castle yet have the added modern amenities of the added Hotel.  The kids obviously loved the idea of having stayed at a castle as well as finding all the nooks and crannies that come with being in such an old place.  The service and food at the Fahrenheit Grill was pretty good as well!  Of course, our "american" kids were the loudest people around the entire place..OOPS!

p.s. the GIANT Cranes..did you see that BAC?  the kids made me take a picture of them for you guys :)

Powerscourt Waterfall

Due to jet lag, and the fact it was super cold there hence why we're all bundled up, I'm really not sure which day this was :)  We had lots of fun though..."hiking" the trail that ended up being a hill and about a 5 minute stroll and the kids LOVEd the playground as much as the waterfall itself.  It was beautiful scenery to and from the falls as well. We got to drive through neighborhoods where the falls were nestled and even discovered Dunnes Marketplace right outside of "city centre"/downtown (kind of like a super duper Target?!).  Hey, gotta save those Euros where you can!  Bought a 2 liter bottle of H20 for .39 cents euro vs 2 euros (which is almost like 3.50 USD) for 16 oz bottle!