Thursday, June 30, 2011

End of June already?!

Time really is flying by, esp with year end activities and lazy days of summer! It seems as if every time I get "caught up" with the blog, a flurry of activities (and picture taking opportunities) crop up and I'm back to being a month behind again...

We're certainly enjoyed our SUMMER to the fullest by a Hawaiian vacation, sleeping in late, not getting out of our PJs, eating breakfast at noon (that would be the kids, I'm not quite that lucky!), and well, just lounging at home...which irks Mommy when she's got errands to do...but Mommy can't complain too much since they are self entertaining and do NOT get up at the crack of dawn like other kids :) Like my sister says, "Your kids are funny! They aren't even teenagers yet!" after they want to stay up late and don't roll out of bed til noon... oh well.

I'll try to start doing some back blogging now...Happy Summer!

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Cow(ans) are Home!

Cowboy/Cowgirl On a mission at the Ranch?
No idea why they decided to put on their boots (*in 85 degree heat!*)...
maybe living in flip flops for the past 10 days made them miss shoes?

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Maddie's Doodle

During Flight(s)

By 12 am, he was getting tired and missing Daddy very much! This was our 2nd flight of day from LAX to SFO.
AND the fact they (insert gasp! here) had to sit in the very back of the plane and had to board with such small seats..."not like when we fly with Daddy and have bigger seats and get to go on plane first!"
Almost home...near SFO
Coming into LAX, this was NOT photoshopped, the skies were really this color!
How she passes the time inflight
Getting ready for the next 5 hrs!

On our way to KOA

Last glimpse of Hawaii
Waiting in terminal for flight back home
On shuttle from car rental to terminal
Tropical looking road to airport

Beautiful day!

Not too bad a sign when none are crying, right?
Of course, snacks make everything better!
View of Maui

Last Day in Hawaii - Lava Rocks

Aside from ALMOST getting the car stuck in the lava rocks (note to self: why they tell you to stay ON paved roads!), after I just told them to NOT go running around before the biff it... Boo biffed it! Courtesy of Abbott safety day, we had an "emergency" pack of these rather colorful bandages in our midst :)
Eric and Kaitlyn's work of art
Our Motto

Maddie and Adam's work of art

Wednesday, June 22, 2011