Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Where this is Music..

The famous "pose" taken at pretty much every event!
Maddie dancing to piano music....
with her brother...
or without...after all, it IS "party night!" (that's what she kept asking for: is it party night tonight?)
Papa brought them a gift, although not sure if it was for the adults or the kids???

First day at sea and first "Party night"

Handsome Boy!
Princess Maddie
Boo Boo's cubby/bed...if only he would sleep there for real :)

Monday, June 29, 2009

Exploring Island Princess

So proud of himself after kicking water at his dad...BOYS!
Boo Boo "swimming"
Maddie trying to teach Adam checkers/chess.
I love pics of kids w their dad!
Not sure why they get goofy...but still CUTE :) this is Maddie's "favorite! room" (aka indoor Lotus pool)
of course, the posing begins for Mommy!

Ship in sight!

another way to get on board!

Ship is in sight...
Sign got cut off but this tunnel is NARROW, natural (meaning no cement on walls!) and full of carbon monoxide! Better keep helmets on and convertible tops up! It's also the shortest and most direct route to Whittier so our driver kept telling us she had to keep to schedule because the tunnel would close in certain directions at various times and/or you had to give right of way for trains...which equals possible HOUR long waits! EEK!

The Journey begins...

1st scenic stop... natural ground shift from earthquake in 1964.
Nana and Papa enjoying Limo Ride w kids! We had a "party bus" for the 7 of us :) On our way to hop aboard the ship in Whittier.
At the Millennium Hotel, our 1st "stuffed" animal!
Hotel view at 9am...
Hotel view at 12 am when we arrived!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Arrival to Alaska..

This was 12 am! cool-y twilight!
Maddie hadn't been feeling well the previous week so she was still pretty wiped out.
Boo Boo, the professional traveller, always reads the emergency info as we take off from SFO. :)

Saturday, June 27, 2009

BBQ at the Mahs

(taken by Adam)
Pippa and Steve

Ok, so our main focus/attraction today was Justin! We got to finally hold the Chubster :) Sure, the Mahs have a great house too ;p Just ask Boo Boo... he went around taking LOTS of pics of Anson's Media Room...and one great shot of Justin with Ange...before he went home and passed out on couch.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Hairchitects...Vanessa is great!

So for the 1st time since I can remember, I've had my 3rd haircut in 9 months! I usually go a year or so between cuts...but since I had the "Chop" last september, I realize now why shorter hair really is more maintenance ;p

I'm not very loyal when it comes to salons, especially when higher prices are involved. I believe in fate and it usually is the case when it comes to hair appointments?! Some cases I call and have the people tell me it's months out to schedule and yet, other times, it's the next day/week. I'm not sure how to take that, is it because a busy, overscheduled salon is THAT Much better or is the person willing to accommodate last minute appointments just has better hours?

Although I live like 3 minutes away from Hairchitects, I had never tried the place until recommended by Diane. She also does not do the every 6 weeks haircuts so I know when she goes somewhere, it's because she's got some great referral or connection. I made my appointment last week and I couldn't be happier to have met Vanessa! She's everything Diane said she would be...honest, direct, super duper friendly and just so personable. I LOVE LOVE my haircut and was so happy with how she talked me through all the really cool-y techniques and tools. AND although she's an instructor for a certain hair product line, she didn't push that product on me...

Anyways, the other reason why I'm blogging about Vanessa? To be honest, besides the fact that I seriously have found my new salon (price AND location is perfect for me!), she has a great referral program! So, if anyone goes there, tell her I sent you and she'll give ME a referral discount for my next haircut...and I get a coupon every time someone goes there, and with like 3 coupons...that adds up to just about a FREE cut! hehehehe she doesn't care if you use all your coupons together either :)

OK, first, THANKS Diane for recommendation..and second, if you are looking for new stylist, I'd give Vanessa a try!


Thursday, June 25, 2009

Quyen's 30th-ish birthday

Adam helped make the bday cupcakes...and of course, he helped blow out candles AND eat them :) *actual cake was from friends of Q's...in my dreams I make cakes like that*

and funny story about monkey card he specifically saved to give away: inside he "drew/wrote" some stuff...Co Quyen opens up the card and thinking she was smarter than him: "Thanks Boo Boo! Look Anson, it says Happy Birthday...." Adam had to correct her that "they are only dots inside your card, silly!!" hehehehee

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day...Part ?!..Mark finally gets his day :)

*NOTE: Practical Boo Boo got Daddy the food saver, but was too tired from day's activities to stay and take pics...he only helped drag the box and said "Here! this is for you...it's a food keeper!" then walked back to bed :)

Father's Day Part 4...Still @ Buho's...art