Sunday, August 28, 2011

Camp Knudsen -Day 2

Hiking by the Meadow
Wild Sweet Peas
Hanging by the bridge
The frogs were not only colorful and plentiful, they were LOUD!
Maddie and Matthew

Leftover "junk" from winter sledders?

Wild Raspberries
Hiking around woods and pond

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Camp Knudsen

Posing on the "pier" :)
Walking back towards cabin.
Very proud of Adam for getting neck deep!
Hanging out by the shoreline...
Boo Boo cooling off :)
On the search for MORE froggies to save!
Baby froggies EVERYWHERE!
When in doubt, do NOT call Mark to help save you! He was supposed to be rescuing Maddie when she got tired...
They swam across the entire pond!
Paige was such an awesome mentor...
Maddie swinging into the Pond.
(took a few tries before she actually let go do the rope!)

We were invited for a stay at The Knudsen's cabin...this was the first time I think the kids really experienced a Pond! I was shocked how easily they took to the "icky" stuff, but I guess that's what kids are all about?! Of course, it probably helped it WAS the Matthew and Paige with them :)

Monday, August 1, 2011

Petit(e) AGG Camp

Group Picture - Take 2! :)
Group Picture - Take 1!
HI, Mommy!
Probably the only kid out of the group who actually EATS whatever you put in front of him! :)
Lots of Cars and Running!
As the boys find other activities...
Where the Girls congregate
Start of Camp...