Saturday, April 24, 2010

Another Wedding weekend - Dan and Lily

Keeping each other occupied...they definitely had more energy than Mommy!
Ms. Dafni teaching new moves
Picking "nature" flowers for their Mommy :)
How beautiful they've grown...
He used to come over trick or treating when he was 2..HANDSOME BOY! :)
Playing with the Shimmicks
Keeping themselves entertained
Ms. Dafni and Frank
(Dafni, cousin of the bride, was actually Maddie's preschool teacher and the kids' swim instructor...surprised to see her, small world! KIDS LOVED SEEING HER!)
Mr. and Mrs. Dan Summers
The kiss :)

Friday, April 23, 2010

Sierra - The Jungle Book

The SuperStar!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Steven and Erica's Wedding - Reception

Our Family
The End
Raymond looking for someone to give those flowers to...
The March Birthday Boys
Listening to speeches
Guess it's Thomas!
Stealing someone's thunder? Who is the bride??
Jennifer and Kaitlyn...oh, that's CO Jennifer to you, Kait!
Even the Hoyems are having fun on the dance floor :)
At her happiest...with Daddy in full gown!
Kaitlyn and Benjamin, our in house Dancing with A Star!
The cousins/grandkids
Enjoying sweet treats!
Hmmm, not sure...
the Candy Bar
Homemade brew
Where's your Bebe???
answer: stolen by an auntie!
With Co Christine
Boo with Chu Benjamin's been a LOOOONG day!
(side note: as soon as I took her picture she points to camera and wanted to see herself on the screen...KIDS these days!)
The awesome cake(s)
(yes, seashells are edible white chocolate!)
Handsome boy with the Girls

Steven and Erica's Wedding - Cocktail Hour (aka Family pics HOUR!)

Mr. & Mrs. Trinh x2
The other Mr. & Mrs. Brian Trinh..and Miya
The elder Mr. & Mrs. Thomas Trinh
The girls with Mom, Aunt, Nieces/Granddaughters
"Who is going to walk Daddy down the aisle!?"
The boys: Cousins, first and second
Grandkids with Ba-y
The elder generation of Trinh Siblings
Me and My Mama!
The "Faked" Caos
awwww...every Mother's dream!
Daddy with his Sons-in-Laws
Ong-y and BooBoo
Trying to get all three of the little ones...
The Men
The Women
The Trinhs
The Sisters...and Kaitlyn
The Sistas
Anh Eric and Maddie
As close to a "cute" family picture as we are going to get
Anh Eric trying to teach Adam "hang loose"
The Fathers-in-Law...not sure which was more relieved :P